How do I embed video or audio?

Since moving on to version 2.0, Kuzoo has a vastly improved repertoire of video and audio embedding support. To spice up your profile and blog, here are a number of ways to do this:
In your profile:

You can embed links to videos from Youtube and Google. Find the video you want to embed, then get its link, which should look something like this:

Just place this link in the Videos section of your profile, add an appropriate title, and it should show thereafter.

In blog entry:

1) One way is to use the “Embed Videos” option in the Kuzoo Blog Editor.

Insert the link in the URL text box, set the video dimensions, and click the insert button. You will then see something like this in your entry:

video: 320×240 placed inside square brackets like so [ ... ]

Notice the space before 320×240, and that 320×240 itself reflects the size of the video image. For most videos the 4:3 ratio is usual (320×240, 400×300, etc). If you follow this syntax, you could directly enter the code in your blog entry.

The advantage of using the Kuzoo Blog Editor syntax to embed videos is that you get to size the video display according to your preferences.

2) The other way to embed video hosted by specialized sites (such as Youtube, Google and Yahoo) is to insert appropriate tags following this syntax:

The following options have the default size preset, at 340×255 for videos, the size in which the coronation videos have been set up for display.

Assuming that the link or url to be embedded is the same as in the earlier example:

For this Youtube video, simply enter this pair of tags: {*}eviF1trL7ck{/*} with ‘youtube’ inserted where the * occurs in the opening and closing tags. Notice that we drop everything before the v= part of the link, and only add the opening and closing youtube tags.

Tags for other video providers follow the same syntax, placing google, myspace, espn, gofish, myvideo, stupidvideos, yahoo, videotube, etc. in place of the * in the two tags.

If the one you wish to embed isn’t listed above, just play around with the opening and closing tag to match the site name, and get the video id which will either follow an “=” sign or a “/”. It’s as simple as that.

3) Audio and video links not provided by specialized sites can be embedded in the following way, with the tags changing based on the format of the media file.

Say the url to an flv (flash video) file is:

The embed code would be {*remote}{/*remote}, where again you replace the two occurrences of the * with ‘flv’.

Apply the same logic for other formats by inserting the full url in between the two tags (including the .mp3, .wmv, .wma file extensions), and replacing the * with mp3, wma, wmv, divx, swf. ie. you would have mp3remote, wmaremote, wmvremote, and so on, in the opening and closing tags.

For other formats, just follow the above tag syntax and change the format extension appropriately.

Keep our Kuzoo Pasture Clean!

When we use somebody else’s words, ideas, images, sounds, etc., without giving the credit where it’s due, we are claiming them as our own work even if we didn’t mean to. It is plagiarism, considered a serious academic and professional offense by educational and other institutions. Outcomes can be serious – a failure grade, expulsion from school, loss of job, or academic/professional certification.
You may also be in breach of copyright law, if the information you used is legally protected as someone’s intellectual property. Depending on the specific copyright restrictions, you may have to ask for an authorization for use. In many cases, restrictions prohibit use in any way, even with a correct reference. Violators can be prosecuted in court of law.

Either way, that innocent and easy “copy & paste” off the internet could get you in a big trouble! Remember, everything out there on the internet is the intellectual property of somebody. Always cite your sources correctly, and honor all copyright restrictions. Let’s do the right thing and do it right, the Kuzoo way!

Common sense + how to handle offensive behaviour on Kuzoo.Net

We are very pleased at the level of participation on Kuzoo.Net and feel it may also be time to repeat important issues to our members. Kuzoo.Net is a social network, a new internet based form of community. Though the format may be convenient and new, our readers are reminded that old fashioned common sense still applies when dealing with the new friends that you will no doubt make here.

As ever, this old adage still holds: “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.” Basically, please don’t jump into new relationships without applying the usual checks and confirmations that you would normally apply in the real world. Yes, all the things that Apa and Ama keep telling you!

Next, a reminder that profanity and everything related to it are strictly off limits as far as Kuzoo.Net is concerned. As you know, we have a one warning only rule – the second incident will invoke a permanent ban for that profile.

Should offensive language or profanity be directed at you, here is our recommended response:

1) If there is offensive language in comments to your profile, please delete or un-publish it if it was used casually by a friend. Leaving it there may invoke a temporary ban on your profile!

2) If offensive language in comments is directed at you, don’t delete it. Just un-publish it and report it to the administrator and let it be deleted by the administrator. Necessary action will be taken against the perpetrator.

In no case should you respond with offensive language or vulgarity as a ban will be applied on you as well!

3) If you receive offensive private messages or emails, send copies of it to the admin with all details that will help identify the perpetrator’s user name. Here again do not respond with vulgarity for the same reasons. If the offensive message was a pm, you should keep it as proof until the issue is resolved.

For repeat pm offenders, you can open the message and select “block user” to prevent any further messages from that person.

Finally, users are urged not to click the Report User button unless you actually intend to report that user. Several users have been known to use that just to make a comment – please use the Comments option on the user profile for that!

I can’t download or view Kuzoo SOCIETY

If you are among many users experiencing this problem, please accept our apologies. Kuzoo SOCIETY is published as a pdf to make it easy to reprint and share, with the goal of maximizing its readership. In doing so, the file has become relatively large and requires a longer download time.

This would not be a problem in and of itself, but with the large number of concurrent Kuzoo users, the download process is affected. Generally, dial up users face this problem more often and those with higher bandwidth access are less likely to face it although it cannot be ruled out entirely.

In addition, pdf documents that are opened inside a web browser can occasionally cause some conflicts in the system resulting in the browser getting hung.

Here are 2 workarounds you could try, though neither can be guaranteed as fail safe:

1) In your Adobe Reader click the Edit :: Preferences menu, then select Internet from the list of options. Uncheck the option titled “Display PDF in browser”. This sequence is from Adobe 6.0 and you may need to look for the equivalent commands in your version. This option tells Adobe not to open the pdf in your web browser but in the program window itself.

2) You could also simply right click over the link to the issue of Kuzoo SOCIETY and select the “Save Link As” option (the exact menu title may vary from browser to browser). This way you get to save the pdf to your hard disk from which you can open it directly with your copy of Adobe Reader.

Can’t access a profile – getting a blank screen or fatal error message?

If you can’t access a profile, you are probably getting a “fatal error” message or a blank screen. This message appears when picture uploads into user albums are aborted, resulting in an incomplete picture upload and the concerned user’s profile becoming inaccessible.
If the owner of the profile deletes pictures in his/her album which don’t look right or have the description “unknown” in it, the problem should usually go away.

If this happens to you, and you can’t fix it as suggested above, please private message Mona.

Please inform us if you find someone else’s profile showing this or any other problem as well. Just private message Mona immediately – providing the details of the user concerned – so that it can be quickly fixed.

Why do I have display problems on my Mac?

Why do I have display problems on my Mac?
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Mac users may have problems browsing Kuzoo.Net, and this is usually caused by browsers such as Internet Explorer (IE). IE was last updated years ago, with Microsoft abandoning support for it.

The solution is to switch to a more current version of browsers such as Safari ( or Firefox (

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change login
written by TrOnIX kota, November 14, 2007

i want to change user name

my frens cant view their own page!!!
written by x X x, March 04, 2007

A lot of my frens are complaining that they cant log in to their own page.Though the user name and pass word is correct.they cant even use the lost pass word feature. Whats the problem???

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Can I change my username and password?

Sure you can change your password and user name. We realize users may not always pick the best user names for themselves at the time of registration. So rather than force you to register again, we prefer to allow you to change it.

At the top left corner of your profile page, click Edit, then Edit My Profile in the drop down menu, select Contact Information and make the necessary changes. You can change your password here as well.

Be careful when you make these changes. A misspelled password or username can lock you out of Kuzoo.Net, especially since we allow spaces (the most common cause of user lockout so far!) and other characters in your username.

As an insurance against forgotten passwords, make sure your email address is correctly entered to allow you to request us for it. In the worst case scenario, you can email ‘admin’ at this site.

Once you settle in with a name, it’s best not to change too often after that as it could potentially confuse your friends and admirers.

Added note: Please do not prefix your user name with a space as some users have experienced an inability to login there after! The admin can help fix that, but it’s best avoided. You can see if you have an extra space prefixed to your username by clicking on the Members menu item – if your name appears above the folks with names beginning with !, you have an extra space.

On the second question, no, you can’t delete your profile. Nor will site administrators do that for you, because it takes time, and because there is the issue of what happens to blogs, comments, and other contributions that may have been made. Simply deleting your profile would leave all of those orphaned, and to delete ALL of those – well, we are talking a lot more administrative time here. If you really must abandon a profile, just abandon it. You can remove your pictures and profile avatar, connections, and comments, and even change your user name for good measure. Just don’t pm us about deleting profiles, because we will only refer you to this FAQ, if we respond on that issue at all. :)

Quick Start

Using Kuzoo.Net is easy. You’ll get the hang of it quickly by just clicking around. The key to getting started well is understanding the options available, particularly under the My Profile section. Updating your profile is the most important step to fully enjoying the features on this site.

In your profile page, if you hover the mouse around the Edit menu option, you will see the Update Your Profile and Update Your Image buttons. Select a nice picture of yourself, color with a passport photo focus and size is best, and upload it. You will immediately put a face to yourself on the site. That is the first key step.

Then click on Update Your Profile and you will be presented with a tabbed list of items that you can personalize to fully represent who you are. Be creative, be humorous and have fun while you are at it. Your profile is what gives everyone else the best insight into the kind of person that you are. And the better the profiles of individual users, the better Kuzoo.Net becomes! It’s your site, so go ahead and do the right thing – keep improving your profile!

You can also upload additional pictures – any number – of yourself and your friends in your own albums. To do that, just click the My Pictures button on the main menu and take it from there.

Finally, you may wish to invite your friends to Kuzoo.Net. The more friends you invite, and the more among them who accept the invitation, the greater the user points that you will score. The earlier mover earns the credit, so be quick about it! So there you have your quick start. The rest will follow naturally. Have fun!