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All you need to know about child support and custody

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If you are a married person with a child and you want ant divorced your partner, then you need to know about family law and child support law as well. Because you must pay child support after a divorce, you should consult with an expert such as Eaton family law group.

The lawyer will help you by discussing child support laws and rules with you. You need to know about it before starting the case.

Child support law is used in family law to provide financial support for your child following your divorce. Following their divorce, the parents must pay an annual payment for their child based on the requirements. The support for the child is given by the obligated guardian. The support for children needs to continue until they attain the age of majority. Until then, the parents should not stop or delay their support in any situation.

Other than the guardian both parents have legal rights to have their child custody. But the decision to take custody of your child is taken by the court. Some laws choose the mother for custody and some for the father based on the child’s opinion. Others say the child has not had enough maturity to choose which parent for custody. Apart from guardians, both parents have legal custody rights over their children. Eaton family law group provide best child support and the possible custody ways for the welfare of your child.

 There are different types of child custody available, namely:

  • Alternating custody
  • Bird’s nest custody
  • Sole custody
  • Split custody
  • Third-party custody

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Alternating custody

Alternating custody is joint custody, where your child can spend equal time with each parent. The parent must spend money on the child while they are in your care.

Birds’ nest custody

This is similar to alternating custody, except that the child stays in the same home and the parents switch homes to the custody of y their child at different times.

Sole custody

Sole custody occurs when the child spends the majority of their time with a single parent and the other parent provides support to meet their needs.

Split custody

In this case, if you have two children, Then they split the care and support for each child, one with the father and the other with the mother.

Third-party custody

The child will not be in the custody of either parent. They live in the custody of a third party, and the parents will pay for all the needs of the children through the third-party custody provider.