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How To Transfer Out-Of-State Title When Purchasing A Used Car

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When purchasing a used car, it’s necessary to transfer the title in the purchaser’s name. In order to do so, some states require the out-of-state title be “certified” by a notary public. While it might sound complicated and burdensome, this is fairly easy to do when you know what you’re doing.

Here are steps to help transfer out-of-state title when purchasing used cars in sacramento:

Step 1: Take the car to the DMV

The first step is to take the car to the DMV and have a certified copy of the out-of-state title. It’s best to do this in a city that has an easy DMV, but you can also send it by mail.

Step 2: Fill out an application for a new title

Once the car has been inspected and the title is in hand, it’s time to fill out an application for a new title in your name. This can be done on the spot at the DMV (assuming your state allows you to do this). You do not need to register the vehicle; you’re only obtaining a new title.

The New Title

Once you have the new title in hand, go to the local DMV and take it to the person who can issue a certified copy. It will be necessary for that person to review the title before “certifying” it, as this is a legal requirement.

Step 3: Take the new title to an out-of-state notary public

The third step is to take your new title with your application form to an out-of-state notary public. He can do this at his office or by mail. You should tell him that you’re transferring a car and ask him to certify the new title in your name.

Step 4: Take the new title to the DMV to complete transfer

Once you have your new title with the certification, you must now take it back to the DMV to complete the transfer. This is done there as well, but if it’s an inspection, you’ll need to bring everything from Step 2 as well.


In order to make the transfer go smoothly and without a hitch, you should know the laws for your state (as well as those of the state that issued the out-of-state certificate). If you can’t get to the DMV on a weekend or early in the morning, they probably won’t let you do it. It’s also difficult if your vehicle is out of state.

If you’re unable to do all this, consider hiring a professional to handle it for you.