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Buying Used Cars

What Are Pros & Cons of Buying Electric Cars?

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Electric cars are quickly entering the market and some people might wonder if the cheaper option of buying an electric car is worth it. This is a question that should be asked and answered thoroughly before deciding to buy an electric car. There are many pros and cons of buying electric cars for sale in san diego. The most important question to answer before making your decision is what type of person you will become by owning or not owning an electric car.


  1. Lower Price

The most important thing to consider when thinking about buying an electric car is the price. Electric cars are very expensive in comparison to most cars. They can cost thirty-five thousand dollars or more, but they can also cost less than twenty-five thousand dollars. However, with the lower price, you will also get lower gas mileage and a smaller battery life. The average gas mileage compared to electric cars is one hundred miles per gallon for gas and about a hundred and twenty miles per gallon for electricity. Also, you will have to replace your batteries early in the life of your car because they only last a few years without use. This can cause higher cost if you want to continue using your car and not buy a new one. However, if you find an electric car with a less expensive price than your typical car, then that is a great way to save money.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

Another important factor of buying an electric car is that it is environmentally friendly. The cars themselves do not pollute the air and there are no harmful gases produced by the electric motor as there would be in a gas-powered motor. Also, if you live in a state or country that does not have high emissions or pollution laws, then purchasing an electric car can make you feel better about the world your children will live in because they will be breathing cleaner air and having less carbon dioxide in their lungs because their parents bought an eco-friendly car.

Buying Used Cars

  1. Less Dependence on Oil

One of the primary reasons that most people want to buy an electric car is to decrease their dependence on foreign oil. This can be beneficial in two ways: you save money and less gasoline is used. If you live near a plant or facility where electricity is produced by burning coal, then there is still a chance that your car could cause pollution. However, this would not happen if you lived near a nuclear power plant or a wind farm, so the environmental benefits of your purchase will increase over time and as more plants are built to produce electricity with renewable energy.


  1. Oil Consumption

One of the main disadvantages of electric cars is that they are more expensive, but with lower gas mileage, they can also use more petroleum and oil than a gas-powered car. This will cause you to spend more money on gasoline per year. Also, the cost of electricity can be higher than what your average car would use on average. This is because there are taxes associated with the purchase and maintenance of your vehicle that you may have to pay yearly.